About AOG

CEO of AOG Mr.Choi (Joon Choi) graduated from Virginia Tech in the US.

He came to Korea and had several start-up businesses and joined to US Global Technical Service company as an Asia Regional Director. He set up the Foreign Invested Korea Entity of a US global company and expanded business entities in 6 different Asia countries. His entire career and business are focused on Global recruiting.

He has secured the largest Korean heavy industries Direct contract and managed over 300 staff and employees in Asia.

His deep understanding of the Engineering Expert recruiting process and accumulated on-hand experience is one of the core assets of our company service. 


AOG's Mission is straight Forward.

Let our client-company have well-trained engineering

experts. With various requirements and conditions, AOG can source the right engineer.


More of the great global Engineering companies considering hiring Engineering experts in Asia. AOG would like to be a long life partner of your company to support your successful business.

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