AOG-JC  Global Business Consulting  Services - "We treat your business like ours."

Joon Choi


Graduated Virginia Tech.

3 Former Start up companies CEO

Former Global Technical Solution Company Asia Regional Director

AOG-JC CEO   "Workaholic"

Lukas Kim

Operation Manager

Studied in Sydney AUS

HR/Operatoin/BusinessDevelopment/Acct Specialist

Cold and synical

Andy Park

Digital Marketing Manager

Studied at Virginia Tech VA USA

Web Design/Development Specialist

Mobile Application Developer

Managed a couple of Startup companies in Japan

Creativie and Weird (Shadowy Ruller)


Digital Markeitng Manager

India Market Manager

SEO Sepcialist / Digital Marketing Specialist

Over 8+ yrs Experience

Nice and Calm

DipNkar Mukherjee

Web Designer/Developer

Web Design/Development Specialist

Amazon / Google / Social Media Specialist

Over 7+ year Exp

Descent and Legitimate

Justin Choi

Market Development Manager

Graduated VCU VA USA.

IT specialist

Business Development Expert

Finance / Network / Business 

Managing US & Korea Market Business

Aggressive and Shy

Lily Jung

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

Social Media Management / PR Expert

Calm and Soft

HS Kim

Web Developer / Data Analyst

Graduated University of  Virginia USA

Web Development and Data Analysis Specialist


Selina Lee

Business Admin

Business Admin

HR Assistant

Quite and Chic

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