Ongoing business consulting 

One of our Clients is an Artist in NY.

He has established a multi-media Company.​

His Service : Art / Literature / Fashion Brand

How AOG support

1. Fashion Apparel Brand Development

    - Upgrade / Develop / design Fashion Brand

    - Change Website

    - Secure a Manufacturer & production


      (Cost Saving and Increase profit margin)

2. PDF/ Literature sales business consulting

    - Rebuild the Literature website

     -Set up Sales strategy

    - Market Survey and Data analysis

    - Advertisement Plan

    - Marketing activities 

3. SEO and Digital Marketing

      - Re-built Social Media channel

      - Search Engine Optimization for Each


      - Digital Marketing Activities


4. Market Expansion in Asia

      - Re-brand the current services

      - Market Survey

      - PatnerCompany Arrangement

      - Data Analysis

      - Local potential customer targeted

         database collection support.

Ongoing current Project 

Client in Korea

Technical Solution Company.

How AOG support

1. SEO activities so the potential clients can 

     find the company.

2. Market/Industry Expansion in the US

      - Re-brand the current services

      - Social Media Activities

      - Company Profile / Brochure modification


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