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AOG Staff recruiting and arrangement service detail

While you are setting up a new entity or branch or corporation in Korea, you may need some extra local experts at your office.

AOG does not only provide finding the right candidate to the client company we can also offer few options to operate those local employees as a permanent contract direct-hire staff of the client company or type of "dispatching" from AOG to the client company.

Direct hiring

AOG recommends the right person for the client company.

Arrange the interview and support to finalize the employment contract

Dispatch / outsourcing / short term contractual employment

AOG recommends the right person for the client company.

Arrange the interview and if the client company agrees, we start dispatching the person to work at the client company's office as an AOG employee.

Direct hiring: You can have a long-term relationship with your own local employee. However, you need to offer all the Korean local-related pension and insurance having a business employee of your company. to make it short, more cost and obligation to keep the person as long as possible.

Dispatch: The person who assigned to be working for your company will be there for you as a staff of AOG. This may give you the advantage to be free from the long-term required contractual employment relationship. You can dismiss the person without any additional consideration or extra cost. (For ex : retirement Fee, bonus, pension, insurance, etc)

Possible positions you may consider to assign to your new Korea branch/entity.

  1. Local Representative (Business Development Manager / Country Manager )

The client company can directly assign the key person for the Korea office. Expat leadership shall need to get the Visa to stay in Korea and AOG can support the process. If the client company would like to assign the Local (Korean) director or country manager, AOG can also recommend the right person who has the most appropriate experience and skill set for the position.

2. Admin / Secretary / Office Support / customer service care assistant

The client company may need a local assistant (Korean Employee) for the early stage of business in Korea. Either direct hiring or dispatching outsourced contractual staff AOG can provide in both cases.

3. Sales representative/sales manager / Sales associates

The client company newly enters Korea may need a local sales representative who can arrange the meeting with a potential client company or customers or investors and so on. having a Business in Asia or Korea does require such a local connection/network for fast business development.

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