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Finding the right "work from home" staff to hire

Hiring work from home Employee or remote-worker can save you a lot of money while you increase efficiency If you can find the right person.

Due to the COVID, many companies are considering changing from the office operation system to work from the home condition.

Here are few key things you need to know when you consider hiring an expert/specialist/employee to your company.

1. People from Different Locations (countries) have different salary expectations.

A more experienced person shall receive more salary. A more skilled person shall receive more salary. We all know this. However, If you can find the right resources or channel or recruiting support agency, you can find the more skilled more experienced person with a more competitive salary rate. This is because each country may have a different price index. We are hiring remote workers AKA work from home staff. As long as the candidate speaks the same language and having a skill set we need to apply, the location and country where they are from do not matter unless the position you are hiring requires strong local knowledge or cultural background.

Here is a quick comparison of how I operate people in work from home conditions.

Web designer / developer 001

Nationality: Korea

Experience: 5 years

Skillset: 3.5/5

Language: Korean, English

Monthly Salary (8 hours / day, 23 days / Month) : 3,300 USD / Month

Web designer / developer 002

Nationality: USA

Experience: 6 years

Skillset: 4/5

Language: English

Monthly Salary (8 hours / day, 23 days / Month) : 4,500 USD / Month

Web designer / developer 003

Nationality: India

Experience: 7 years

Skillset: 4/5

Language: English, And so many other languages

Monthly Salary (8 hours / day, 23 days / Month) : 1,200 USD / Month

What do you think is the smart choice of hiring from Candidates 1 to 3?

2. Work from Home condition requires 2 things.

One is you need to have a clear instruction and communication system in your company.

Work from Home means staff work at their home. This reduces all the unnecessary time loss since the staff can work alone at his/her house. No commute time, No dress-up preparation time, and more. However, since the staff is alone, you or the company can't interact with them every-seconds. And if the instruction or communication does not make clear, the staff may lose focus and the result may not be good enough. Giving them clear and good instruction and having a fast/live communication tool and the system is a must.

The second is that you need to find the right person who can work well in this condition. Someone may generate better outcomes by working with people surrounded in the office. Someone may need to stay in a quiet place alone and still come up with great success. Work from Home staff shall manage their time efficiently and also shall have a great responsibility of what he/she is given to finish. If you have a well-organized experienced work from home staff, this person can easily generate 2 or 3 office workers' outcomes.

3. The most important thing is that you or your company shall trust your staff who is working at their home.

Many of my clients often ask me that what if the work-from-home workers are not working full time but only claim to they are. They always wonder how the staff can work hard without other colleagues or bosses around him/her. This is a natural doubt that most company owners and decision-makers think. However, in reality, even the number of employees are staying in the same office, they still do not work as hard as you expect to. They take their break when they feel they need it. (Even though they are still sitting in the office work station, they pause and do something to relax) . Surprisingly, many research paper shows that work from home staff may generate more outcome with a great deal of pressure because they also know they are staying their home with their own responsibility to complete their task.

To make it all short, Here are the things you need to know regarding hiring the remote worker/work from home staff.

You can save a lot of money if you consider finding the right expert/staff with a wide range of various countries and fields.

You need to have a well-organized communication system in your company so that remote workers can receive clean instruction and you also can track the overall progress and results.

You need to screen and find the person who is better-off to work from home (who has more responsibility and also feel more comfortable working alone at home)

And for the Last, You need to trust your Staff that he or she is going to do his/her best to work for your company.

If you are considering hiring work-from-home staff, you can ask us for a free candidate screening!

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