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What is the Total Solution of AOG?

Welcome to Korea

We AOG-JC is providing a total solution business consulting service to the client companies entering in Korean business Market.

Our Total solution consulting services provide literally everything that the client company may need having a business in Korea.

From Day one to the continuous ongoing period of business operation in Korea we know what to and how to serve.

Setting up the Office in Korea with business registration is a start, we provide required Local employee either arrangement or part-time dispatch any type the more suitable to the client company's circumstance and condition.

Finding local partners or manufacturers can also be done by AOG.

Negotiation, Legal Contract review, Tax report, and more of small to a heavy task we have served numbers of foreign companies perfectly with our efficient management system.

For the client companies which does not want to have a physical Korea office but would like to have a virtual office with people in Korea to interact with Asia clients, AOG also can provide required services.

Once we understand the Client companies' preferences and priorities, We offer various solutions to make sure the client companies can settle in Korea.

Tell us about your company.

Let's discuss in detail of how we can settle your company in Korea.

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