1. Specialist Recruiting Service

    2 to 5 years EXP   Specialist : 1,800 USD / Month

    5 to 8 years EXP   Specialist : 2,800 USD / Month

    8 to 15 years EXP Specialist : 3,800 USD / Month


2. Digital Advertisement 

     SEO : 1 Month 1,500 USD

     Content Writing : 10 Articles 500 USD

     Video : 20 to 30 seconds 5 Videos 1,000 USD

     Post Slide : 15 to 30 seconds 5 Slides 800 USD

3. Asia Market Entry Support

    We can flip your website or develop the second one for the new market with a 

    different language and structure which has more appeal to the Asia Market.


 We are here to


 Boost your business with such an efficient cost.

we have many digital marketing specialists who work all together as a team to support

many of client-companies like you.

We also have accumulated data, format, and templates that help us to generate various advertisement videos, slides, and even websites in various languages.

 Let us help you to save unnecessary expenses and generating such critical results!

Ask us how we can help you.

Which industries or market your business is, you still need Digital Marketing Solutions.

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