Our Services

We are a global recruiting firm focusing to provide qualified Engineers to clients.

Engineers in Asia

In Aisa, Energy-related industries such as Oil and Gas, Wind, Solar Sector has been developed 

over the decades. 

Due to the large volume of projects and business, the number of qualified engineers in various sectors and disciplines getting bigger.

Our main Engineers network is from India, UAE, Korea, Php, Vietnam, and UAE.

(The key Asian Engineers are mostly from)

Our service is focusing on finding the right expert and arrange to client's project in the most efficient way.


Discussion with Client


We learn from the Client that what are the expectation and qualification required for the engineer client need. This includes not only the technical experience, qualification but also the possible joining time, salary, and other detailed conditions to maximize the chance to help the client work with the right engineers.

CV submission and move forward

AOG usually submit/recommend at least 5X numbers of CV for the review.

Before we share/offer the candidate with the client, AOG runs the internal interview and also screening the legitimacy of the engineer's qualification. 

Employment Contract

AOG can help, support the client with 2 main options.

1. AOG helps to recruit and arrange for the engineer to be an employee of the client's company.

2. AOG keeps the Engineer and dispatch to the client's office or work-site

Mobilization to work



Employment contract


Design Engineer

  • Steel Structure

  • Onshore Plant Structure

  • Offshore Plant Structure

  • Tekla

  • PDMS

  • SP3D

  • AutoCa


Design Engineer

  • Shipbuilding

  • Offshore Plant

  • Onshore Plant

  • PDMS

  • SP3D

  • SPEL

  • SPI

  • AutoCad

Piping Design


  • Shipbuilding

  • Offshore Plant

  • Onshore Plant

  • PDMS

  • SP3D


  • AutoCad

Field Engineer

  • Field Electrical Engineer

  • Field Mechanical Engineer

  • Project Management

  • QAQC

  • Process Engineer

  • Planning Engineer

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