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Andamiro-Limited with NEOIT-Japan(1)

최종 수정일: 2021년 3월 8일

AOG is a global Digital Business Consulting company.

We enjoy trying many new things with various industry companies.

A few months ago, we have made MOU with digital programming and VR (Virtual Reality) development company NEO-IT Japan.

The purpose of this MOU is to develop & launch such a service in a Digital place using high-technology and a platform to connect dots between Online and Offline.

We AOG and NEO-IT Japan (Tokyo) tried to select such a market that we usually not involved in so both of us have more expanded experience using our specialties.

I offered to the CEO of Neo-IT Mr.Park "why not we build a Fashion Brand that is solely managed and developed by VR and Digital Technology?"

We decided to develop such a system to generate the most ideal way to display good design products in the world. We decided not to spend an extra budget to hire the real model with the real photographer but simply using our technology to make it the same as what it supposed to be.

We decided to focus on spending more budget to find the right product manufacturer and provide fine quality apparel.

So with few designs we created, we worked on creating the optimized version of the design and model display for our new fashion brand online website and also started to create various campaign / Advertisement Videos.

What AOG and Neo-IT trying is simple.

We skip the hard part of getting the real models with stage and photographers.

No more touch-up and extra crazy hours of preparation

We show and provide the exact same product with the finest quality items.

We want to try a different approach from what has been done.

This is the first page of what AOG and NeoIT co-developed & co-managed tech-based

digital fashion brand launching stories.

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