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RiggoMonti AOG Business Consulting (1)

최종 수정일: 2021년 3월 8일

One day I was in the car having business travel in the daytime in Korea.

From the US, an unknown number called me.

I picked up. "Hello?"

"Hi, Is this AOG?", "Is this Joon Choi?"

"Yes. This is Joon Choi."

That is how we connected.

The gentleman from New York explained to me that he has a multimedia company that provides various services and would like to know about AOG's business consulting services.

Since I was not in my office but moving for the business meetings, I asked him to set up a time to have a conference call later. A few days later, My team join and meet Mr.LordToph the owner of MonteCristoph Multimedia via the Zoom conference.

Mr.LordToph showed his service landing pages and explained his company services.

We requested him and his team manager to give us some time so we can study and analyze a bit of detail of the structure and theme of each service to propose our consulting services.

AOG's one of the valuable ClientCompany MonteCristoph Multimedia has various services.

(MCM has Children's Book Publish Service, Adult Literature Publish Service, Fine Art, and also the Fashion Brand).

And one of them is an exclusive fashion design brand "RiggoMonti".

After a long discussion and deep analysis, the AOG team join to support MonteCristoph Multimedia to increase customer and online traffic acquisition.

AOG and Client decided to start to modify/upgrade Fashion Brand RiggoMonti first from many other great services of the client.

AOG set up a team of

SEO Specialist (1)

Digital Marketing Specialist (1)

IT Support Manager (1)

Web Developer / Designer (1)

and Project Managing Consultant. (1)

AOG's Plan and Goal

1) More customer friendly online Fashion Shop

2) Search Engine Optimized Online Shop

3) Well designed Apparel displaying Online shop

4) Not only targeting America and Europe, we decide to expand the target area to Asia

5) Secure the better production Line which can provide better quality apparel.

We are very happy to support Mr.LordToph and also his company Monte Cristoph Multimedia. I would like to share a bit of a story about how we support our important client company MonteCristoph and the first one from its various services is "RiggoMonti" Fashion Brand Consulting.

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